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Be social… with a mean streak

The InstaFriends’ Cyber Range is a live-action website containing over 55 vulnerabilities ready for you to sniff out. The challenges vary in difficulty, so it’s a great experience first-timers and seasoned pros alike. Automated scoring, buyable hints, and other interactive features will transform you into a formidable competitor.

Tap into your inner evildoer to:

  • Craft fake timeline posts
  • Change another user’s profile and privacy settings
  • Promote yourself to a powerful administrator
  • Sneak into a private, invite-only group
  • Leave fake reviews for other users
  • View photos you’re not supposed to see

Learning while having fun – it’s an experience unlike any other!  When ready, grab your hacking cheat sheet

Get Hacking: Not ready to jump in? Start here

Not ready to jump in? Start here

Here are some resources that will get you up and running in no time (and give you a confidence boost).

Get Hacking: Skilled. Get more...

Skilled, but looking for more? Gotcha.

Learn attack techniques and then go apply them in Instafriends.

Instafriends Learning Labs

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Get Hacking: Got mad skills already? Let's do this!

Got mad skills? Ready? Let's do this!

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