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Be social… with a mean streak

The InstaFriends’ Cyber Range is a live-action website containing over 55 vulnerabilities ready for you to sniff out. The challenges vary in difficulty, so it’s a great experience first-timers and seasoned pros alike. Automated scoring, buyable hints, and other interactive features will transform you into a formidable competitor.

Tap into your inner evildoer to:

  • Craft fake timeline posts
  • Change another user’s profile and privacy settings
  • Promote yourself to a powerful administrator
  • Sneak into a private, invite-only group
  • Leave fake reviews for other users
  • View photos you’re not supposed to see

Learning while having fun – it’s an experience unlike any other!  When ready, grab your hacking cheat sheet

Get Hacking: Not ready to jump in? Start here

Not ready to jump in? Start here

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Here are some resources that will get you up and running in no time (and give you a confidence boost).

Get Hacking: Skilled. Get more...

Skilled, but looking for more? Gotcha.

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Learn attack techniques and then go apply them in Instafriends.

Instafriends Learning Labs

Web Vulnerability Learning Labs

Get Hacking: Got mad skills already? Let's do this!

Got mad skills? Ready? Let's do this!

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