Success Stories

Greatness is not bound by age or experience.

The world of security can feel daunting to break into.

Hopefully, these shared experiences make it much less intimidating.

Cyber & technology leaders of today understand the value of skills development

Success Story: Elena Elkina

“It was rewarding to watch approximately 100 women learn the basics of becoming a hacker in a hands-on workshop environment. Personally, I learned a lot and had fun learning how to hack web applications.”

Elena V. Elkina, Chief Evangelist at Women in Security & Privacy (WISP)

Success Story: Janet Levesque

“It was in a word AWESOME! We had 50 women hacking away on Shadow Bank, one of Security Innovation’s cyber ranges. Even those with limited knowledge learned basic security techniques they can apply in their job.”

Janet Levesque, former CSO, RSA Security

Success Story: Molly Struve

“Besides just being fun, I found that after I did the cyber range event I approached development differently. Now when I look at a PR or write code, my first thought is, How could I hack this? What if I changed the form input here, would we reject it appropriately?”

Molly Struve, Site Reliability Engineer, DEV Community

Success Story: Mark Merkow

“Software security is a people-centric issue that needs solutions, effective preparation of the workforce is the vital first step towards improvement. Since only those who write and maintain software can properly and appropriately secure it, empowering them with real world skills is necessary. Simulation platforms like cyber ranges are the fastest way to get there.”

Author of Secure, Resilient, and Agile Software Development