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Take a course, play other CTFs, learn about certifications, and get career help.

Are you a Rockstar?

If you’re interested in being a security engineer, take a shot at Security Innovation’s qualification site as a first step.

Want a curated list of the best cybersecurity resources?

You’ve come to the right place.  We’ve cut through the noisy barrage of info and listed our favorites.

Hacking Practice


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Career Planning

Resources: Career Planning

Resource sites

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Career Planning

Resources: Internship


Internships are helpful and frequently turn into a full-time position. Also, volunteering is a great way to build up your resume.

TIP: A help desk position is a great way to get general IT experience!

The top recruiting sites allow you to search specifically for internships:

Career Planning

Resources: Infosec Certifications

InfoSec Certifications

Getting a degree in cybersecurity is nice, but not an absolute requirement to enter the cybersecurity field.

Certifications are considered indicators of ability and can help open doors.  Popular ones include:

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Other Resources

Resources: Security Tools

Security Tools

  • Burp Suite – proxy HTTPS traffic, edit/repeat requests, decode data
  • OWASP Zap – attack Proxy for newbies and professionals alike;  automatically finds vulnerabilities while developing and testing
  • Metasploit Community Edition – develop and execute exploit code
  • sqlmap – automates detecting and exploiting SQL injection
  • Shodan – search engine for Internet-connected devices
  • Nmap – network discovery and security auditing tool
Resources: Guides & References

Guides & References

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