Experience the power of cyber ranges and community to make security approachable

There are 3.5M security positions unfilled. Let’s fill that gap.

Meet Instafriends – a vulnerable Social Media Web site waiting to be hacked. Give it a shot, you might surprise yourself.

Or browse our site, which is regularly updated, to:

Get Inspired – see how others started (and succeeded) in security
Get Smarter – watch videos, read guides
Get Motivated – access career and skills development resources

Beginner to expert,  all are welcome.   Just bring passion.

Not enough people go into security to feed the need for talent

Most educational institutions have marginalized security to specialized tracks, women and minorities are not adequately represented, and it can be perceived as a profession only for the elite technical few.

Our goal is simple:  spark interest in this exciting profession by making it easy to get started, be challenged, and yes – have fun with security.


#1. Learn by doing.
Cyber ranges build skills and confidence in a hands-on, engaging way.  To showcase their power, we opened up our Instafriends range to this community

#2. Community Support.
Collaboration accelerates knowledge transfer and progress towards our common objective a safer cyber world.

If you are interested in partnering to bring security to those who are underrepresented or have limited access, we’d love to hear from you.